New book, Stories from our Indian Elders, by Lenroy Thomas to be released soon

This book is a demonstration of how human beings can adapt to deal with difficult situations. The East Indians are no exception. In the face of dire economic conditions and famines in India many of them ventured abroad. Their lives and that of their descendants over the years show how they survived and became successful. 

In this book you will be captivated by the stories of Indian Elders from St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Their stories are about hardship, risk-taking, struggle, adaptation, assimilation, strategy, identity, resilience, progress, strength and success. The book is a collection of eight fascinating interviews followed by thematic analyses and commentaries. 

The stories are preceded with a background of the historical situation that existed both in India and St.  Vincent before the Indians embarked on their journeys to the Caribbean. They are followed by a periodic review of the narratives and a consideration of available records while also looking at the current situation and future possibilities.

Lenroy Thomas is a descendant of Indians who travelled from India to the New World during the period 1861 to 1880. He grew up in the Caribbean on the Island of St. Vincent, resided in England and now lives in Turkey.

Since his teenage years he has been interested in his Indian heritage and although his career is in the fields of project appraisal, accounting, marketing management and teaching English among other things, he has found time to research and discuss his Indian roots on various forums. In this book he shares some of his  knowledge as well as the interesting stories of Indian Elders from St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

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