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“Mr Junior Bacchus, President of the SVG Indian Heritage Foundation, all Executive members, supporters and friends of the Indian communities in SVG and the Diaspora are pleased to present the commemoration of Indian Arrival Day 2024.

Saturday June 1st 2024 will mark the 163rd anniversary of the arrival of 2,474 Indians from India to SVG during the years 1861 to 1880.

For many years the SVGIHF held re-enactments of Indian arrival at Indian Bay, where a boat arrived with persons of Indian descent and friends dressed in Indian wear, were given their certificates of assignment to various estates in the State.  An official ceremony followed, with addresses from Dignitaries, breakfast, sharing and a photo session.

IAD 2024:

This year, the SVGIHF will be collaborating with the Calder Neighbourhood Watch Committee to host a National Cultural and Educational Rally in Calder. On the recent visit of the then President of India a road in Calder was named “India Drive.”

 The programme will include:

  1. Addresses from Government Officials
  2. Addresses from The Calder Neighbourhood Education and Cultural Committee
  3. An address from the SVGIHF President
  4. The Featured Speaker Dr Adrain Fraser
  5. Entertainment and sharing of Indian food for everyone


Following the passage of the 1833 Slavery Abolition Act, many formerly enslaved people left their enslavers. This created an economic chaos and shortage of labour for European planters in the Caribbean and Indian Ocean.

East Indians were then brought from India to the Caribbean in large numbers as indentured labourers, and the introduction of the indentureship system in most of the islands ensued.

The Indians were hustled aboard the waiting ships, unprepared for the long and arduous four-month sea journey. Many of these were brought away from their homelands deceptively. Many from inland regions over a thousand kilometers from seaports, were promised jobs; they were not told the work they were being hired for, or that they would leave their homeland and communities. Poor economic conditions in India led many Indians to look for sources of work elsewhere.

The hard work in hot, humid farms required a regular, docile and low-waged labour force, which led to the creation of the Indian Indentured system. In this system, Indians were taken to British, French and Dutch colonies around the world, including in the Caribbean, and SVG to work on cash crop plantations.

The working conditions for the indentured Indian workers were abysmal, due in large part to the lack of care among the planters. They were confined to their estates and paid a pitiful salary. Any breach of contract brought automatic criminal penalties and imprisonment. They were treated with great and unjust severity.

European planters enforced work in sugarcane and other farms so harshly, that the decaying remains of immigrants were frequently discovered in sugarcane fields. If indentured labourers protested and refused to work, they were not paid or fed by the planters.

An estimated 2.5 million people in the Caribbean are of Indian origin. Many have ethnically blended with migrants from other parts of the world, creating a unique syncretic culture.


 The Foundation is grateful to the Government of SVG for the passing of an Act of Parliament on March 26th 2007, recognizing June 1st as Indian Arrival Day, and October 7th as Indian Heritage Day. Special thanks to Hon. Rene Baptiste, the then Minister of Culture, who was instrumental in its passing. She continues to be a strong supporter and friend of the Foundation.

The SVG Indian Heritage Foundation was officially launched on July 20th 2006 at the P’Tani Resort Argyle, where the first formal Executive was elected. Some of the members of the original Executive still serve on the present Executive, namely Junior Bacchus, Denzil Bacchus, Anna Baptiste Insanali and Cheryl Rodriguez.


The Foundation continues to conduct interviews with Seniors and outstanding Indians in the Diaspora in an effort to document their fascinating stories and pass them on to this and the next generation. The stories assist persons to find their roots and connect with persons with whom they never knew they were related. It is an exciting and worthwhile experience, and we thank all the persons who agreed to share their stories. They are available on the Foundation’s website: and on YouTube.

So far, since 2020,  the Foundation featured twenty five (25) outstanding Vincentian Indians in SVG and the Diaspora: Walter Bacchus, Samuel “Sonny” Deane, Eleise Louisa Williams, Patrick Deane, Sadie Bowman, Noel Soleyn, Winston Bacchus, Theresa Jack, Egbert Thomas, Noel Soleyn, Eleise Morgan Rodney, Neta Lewis, Dennis Deane, Avil Bullock, Bertram Lewis, SVG, Teroy Thomas UK, Edward Williams UK, Doctor Gideon Lewis USA, Doctor Rudi Bailey USA, Peter Moore USA, Shawn Bullock Canada, Noel “Noey” Thomas UK, Lenroy Thomas Turkey, Kennard King, SVG, Agnes Amelia Perrera Williams UK.

We will present Berkeley Alexander, Jannis Deane, Anton “Tookie “Bowman and Arnold Deane in the month of June 2024.

 We thank Mrs Cheryl Rodriguez, our Treasurer, for initiating and co-ordinating the programmes, and Mr Colvin Harry, our PRO, for conducting these interviews.

The Foundation also honoured a number of persons who have been supporters since its inception: Doctor Gideon Cordice, Randolph Russell, Osley Baptiste, Rene Baptiste, Ambassador K J S Sodhi Suriname, Doctor Junior Bacchus, Aliena Baptiste, Kanhai Kangal TT, Purushottum Singh TT, Anton “Tookie” Bowman, Haniff Sutherland, Pearlie Marks.

Later this year, the Foundation will launch its educational assistance programme to needy children; which will be an exciting time for students across the country.

The SVG Indian Heritage Foundation takes this opportunity to:

  1. Extend sincerest condolences to the families, relatives and friends of all who have lost loved ones. We acknowledge their contributions to our country and beyond.


  1. Invite ALL MEMBERS OF THE MEDIA to cover the function at Calder on Sunday June 2nd 2024 from 3.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.


  1. Invite everyone in SVG to attend the function at Calder on Sunday June 2nd 2024 at 3.00 p.m.


  1. The SVG Indian Heritage Foundation encourages all citizens of SVG and in the Diaspora to participate in the celebrations by wearing an Indian outfit and eating Indian food on Saturday June 1st 2024 and Sunday June 2nd


  1. Please share your photos /videos with us by sending them to Mr Colvin Harry, PRO of the SVGIHF at: WhatsApp  1 784 530 9864

Happy Indian Arrival Day 2024!!!!”

Thanking you.

Yours truly,

Junior Bacchus

President of the SVG Indian Heritage Foundation


President Junior Bacchus, First Vice President Dave Baptiste, Secretary Luann Hadaway, Vice President Culture Denzil Bacchus, Vice President Regional Co-ordinator Elliot Thomas, Assistant Secretary Anna Insanali, Treasurer Cheryl Rodriguez, PRO Colvin Harry

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